Review Policy

I will happily accept submissions for review. I absolutely love finding new authors and generating excitement about books that I enjoy reading. Long before blogging, I have done this at the university level. I teach, and I try to incorporate contemporary fiction into my course syllabi when appropriate. Classics are great, and my students read them. However, I also want to expose them to what is being written now. My biggest challenge is to take a student who hates to read and to find one book he or she loves. That’s the goal on my blog. I have eclectic reading taste and attempt to present that on my blog and through Twitter.

But… reading/reviewing is dependent on my course load, so please contact me by email at for scheduling purposes. I want to be sure that I can give your book the time it deserves in order to feature it on my blog. Unfortunately, grading 125-150 research papers in December and April can limit that time. (Believe me, I’d rather be reading a book – even a biography of Karl Rove….ok, maybe not.)

I am honest when I review a book, and I will not pick and choose when to post a review. If I like a book, I say so. If I don’t like a book, I also say so. I am critical of books I love, and I can rave about aspects of books I just wasn’t that into. I visit blogs for sincere opinions and interpretations of books. If a site only ever gushed about books, I would be a bit wary as to the advice. Frequently, a blogger’s negative review still causes me to pick the book up because of our apparent differences in taste. Therefore, if you may have a difficult time with criticism of your book, please contact a blogger with a different policy.

I am, as noted, a picky girl, so let me share my favorite types of books: I love literary fiction, historical fiction, mystery, poetry, essay collections, personal essays (David Sedaris), humorous memoirs, and classics. I do read some science fiction but am a bit more limited in this area. I am not interested in reviewing nonfiction in regard to self-help, business, etc. Erotica and romance are not my cup of tea although I will read and review chick lit, or as I prefer to call it – women’s lit. I have a special interest in African-American literature as well as women’s studies. Catalogs are welcome.

I look forward to cultivating relationships with many of you and am excited about accepting submissions. If you have any questions at all or need clarification on this policy, drop me a note!


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