BBAW Wednesday: Unexpected Treasure

It’s there in the blog title: pi-cky. I’m not easily swayed. I’m stoic, a brick wall, if you will. I’m judgmental of books and characters and titles and covers. (I know. You don’t want to be friends with me anymore. I don’t blame you.) So when asked for Wednesday’s theme of Book Blogger Appreciation Week if another blogger has influenced me to read outside my comfort zone, my gut reaction is No way!

However. I have to say that without Dolce Belleza, I may never have finished (and actually enjoyed) Brothers Karamazov. I probably wouldn’t be waiting eagerly by the mailbox for my copy of Madame Bovary for the readalong with Frances from Nonsuch Book if she hadn’t made it sound so enticing. It’s not that I have any dislike for classics: I teach English. I love the classics. There are, however, pockets of literature I just don’t want to read. The last six months, bloggers far and wide have discussed books and authors that intimidate them. I’m not intimidated; I just know me well. Love Jane Eyre; hate Anna Karenina. Love Huck Finn; hate The Scarlet Letter. That’s my prerogative, so yes, bloggers may have had something to do with some of my directed reading. I’m ok with that.

Those examples are direct influences, though, and I must say, there have been more indirect influences as well. Sometimes I read a review and jot down a title, forgetting to write down the blog. Or I follow a link to another blog I don’t regularly follow. Maybe a Twitter article looks interesting, and I follow that rabbit hole. It happens often. Last week I read Leviathan by Scott Westerfield (I’ll review it this weekend) and absolutely loved it. That was purposeful. I wrote down the title and searched for it at the library but have no clue what or who made me jot it down.

I love this community – from the subtle hints to the out-and-out nudges, I enjoy being a part of it. Have I been influenced by a book blogger? Most certainly. And I thank you all for it.

jenn aka picky girl


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