Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting. Most of us are not very good at it. Jill at Breaking the Spine hosts “Waiting On” Wednesday, and I decided to participate. She, too, is waiting on my featured book by Nicole Krauss. Nicole Krauss and her husband each wrote books within a couple of years of each other that did me in: The History of Love by the former and Everything is Illuminated by the latter. Both were new novelists, and although I loved the books themselves, I wasn’t too pleased with the endings. However, Krauss has a captivating style and storytelling voice I cannot and will not resist. I caught this article today discussing her newest book:

In this latest from Krauss (The History of Love), a huge old desk with many drawers becomes the symbol of love and loss for a host of characters from different countries and time periods. There is the New York woman who has written all her novels at the desk, which she was keeping for a Chilean poet who has since disappeared. Then there are the poet’s daughter, who comes back years later to claim the desk; the antiques dealer who tracks down meaningful items from people’s pasts; the brother and sister who live isolated in a Jerusalem home filled with other people’s furniture; the elderly couple in England who live with the desk and a horrible secret; and the dictatorial father who desperately tries to understand his creative son. [from Barnes & Noble]

October 12, 2010, the day the book is released, seems a long time away. From an aesthetic point of view, I absolutely love the cover of this book: the colors and font are gorgeous, and the style evokes the form of the novel. I’m excited to see what this new novel will bring. Watching an author evolve and mature is one of the main reasons I enjoy reading contemporary literature. What about you? Are you strictly a reader of classics? Do you ever dip your toes into the world of contemporary fiction? And what are you waiting on, book-wise?

Happy Wednesday,

Picky Girl


4 responses to “Waiting on Wednesday

  • Nymeth

    Ooh – thank you for the link. I’m also very much looking forward to this. I was also not too crazy about the ending of The History of Love, but overall I was a huge fan.

    • pickygirlfoodfilmfiction

      You’re quite welcome. I thought it was interesting from the perspective of someone who’s already gotten to read it (jealous). I’m glad I wasn’t the only one, but like I said, I really really loved the premise of that book.

  • Andi

    I lucked into a review copy of this one, and I’m trying my best to wait until closer to release to read it. I’m about to buckle, though, and draft a review reallyyy early and set it to post on release day (or maybe a week before). I haven’t read The History of Love, but it’s certainly gotten moved up on my pile.

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