Rainy Days and Mondays are Dissipated by a Trip to the Library

It has been raining in my little corner of Texas for weeks. I am not complaining. Rain makes excellent nap/reading weather. Plus, I don’t have to haul out the muddy hose to water the flower beds, AND the 90 degree heat is a bit more bearable. However, the gray skies and abundance of mosquitos are somewhat tiresome. I am completing one summer session today and getting ready for the next. Monday the library was closed for the July 4th holiday, so Tuesday I made my way over and checked out 5 books, 2 audiobooks, and two seasons of Boston Legal. I’m on a television episode streak. Last month it was Arrested Development. This month, it’s James Spader and William Shatner. Funny stuff.

So, what books did I get? All the ones above, plus a dog-training book by Cesar Millan. (My Yorkie is extremely well behaved but has separation issues. She totally flips out when I come home.) I’ve already finished The Catnappers by Wodehouse and The Map of True Places by Barry. I’ll post reviews in the next few days. Both were excellent for totally different reasons. Next on my list is Blue-Eyed Devil by Robert Parker, who died a couple of months ago. Aside from his mysteries, which are sometimes a bit too stereotypical, he wrote a series of Western novels featuring Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch. “Westerns?” you may say, with an upturned nose. I know. I’m no Louis L’amour fan, but Parker’s characters are enjoyable, and the relationship between them is really interesting. They have worked together so long, they can intuit the other’s meanings and intentions without speaking, and Parker really portrays this well. I saw this book on the New Arrivals shelf and was shocked as I wasn’t aware of it. It was published posthumously, and it was this series I was most sad of losing. I really don’t want to start it because I don’t want to finish it. Ah, the endless reader’s conundrum.

The Gabaldon is pretty darn hefty, but as I’ve read all the other books and her new book is coming out this fall, I figured I should delve into it. I thought about getting the audiobook version as I grabbed two other audiobooks, but the run time on it is 30 hours. THIRTY HOURS. I don’t think so. I hope it doesn’t take me 30 hours to read it.  Have any of you ever had an audiobook with an insane run time? I guess maybe for really long road trips? What say you?

8 responses to “Rainy Days and Mondays are Dissipated by a Trip to the Library

  • Pop Culture Nerd

    I hate rain and mosquitoes so I’m impressed by how well you’re enduring it. That combo might be enough for me to look into anti-depressants.

    When I got to the part about Westerns, I DID say, “Ugh! Westerns?” Ha! For some reason, I can’t stand reading that genre.

    I read Barry’s first book and was completely underwhelmed so I’m curious to read your review of her follow-up. Don’t know anything about audiobooks since I don’t do them but agree if it takes 30 hours for you to listen, you can probably do better by just reading it.

    • pickygirlfoodfilmfiction

      Yes, I am totally impressed by my fortitude as well, PCN. I think I deserve an award.

      I cannot stand reading Westerns either but totally got hooked on these. There are only four with Virgil and Everett, and I love them. It may have something to do with the fact that Ed Harris plays Virgil in the movie, and Viggo Mortensen plays Everett. Maybe. Could be. But mostly, I love the spare dialogue. It was a totally quick read. I read it start to finish while giving an hour and forty-five minute final today. Nothing fancy, but a western shouldn’t be. You don’t even watch westerns? My heart hurts.

      I’ve never read Barry’s other book. This one was pretty captivating. I couldn’t put it down.

  • Natalie @ Coffee and a Book Chick

    I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the first Gabaldon book, Outlander — I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, and quite honestly, I’m still wondering how I feel about it. I’d like to read the next to see how events unfold, but I’ve held back a bit from opening up the pages of it…!

    I’m not the biggest fan of audiobooks — I’ve found that I really prefer to focus on the story and if I’m driving, it has to be an entertaining one, or I constantly have to repeat sections!

    • pickygirlfoodfilmfiction

      Natalie – so sorry. I guess I thought I responded to this. I really enjoyed the Outlander series and am actually cracking open the latest (enormous) book, An Echo in the Bone in preparation for her new book. It’s been a while, so I’m having difficulty getting back into the story line. I really liked the books that followed, and I don’t really like sci-fi OR romance. Give em a try!

  • Jo

    I found my first read of Echo in the Bone to be a bit disjointed; a friend informed me that the second read made a lot more sense to her after reading the series again. All of her audiobooks end up being pretty long, but they are excellent for long roadtrips! It’s the checkout time limits that kill the fun!

    • pickygirlfoodfilmfiction

      Jo – it’s been quite some time since I’ve read the others, so I’ll be curious if I can dive back in or if I’ll need a refresher. And that’s exactly it. I don’t have any roadtrips planned and don’t want to listen here and there for weeks and weeks.

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