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Wow. I am sure you are tired of reading this, but I have been so so busy. Teaching ESL and developmental writing has worn me out, especially at the pace of a summer session (19 class days), and I have mostly been watching Arrested Development (absolutely hilarious) and finishing up a Ruth Rendell novel, End in Tears. It was my first venture into the world of Inspector Wexford, and I must say, it wasn’t the most enjoyable jaunt. The story seemed to drag; I didn’t really care who the murderer was. Plus, the writing was really awkward. There were many times when I had to re-read a sentence to ascertain the meaning.

That said, I read two phenomenal books last week and continue thinking about them this week. I haven’t reviewed Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, although the post is begun. I am not sure if it was the audio format or the material itself, but I am having a difficult time completing my review.

Tomorrow, my developmental writing students have to take a timed essay test (college policy, not mine), so I will be bringing one of my library books along for company. I hope it is not the sort of test where I am expected to watch them the entire time. A. They are adults. B. I am an adult. and C. I WILL GO INSANE. I cannot stand having absolutely nothing to do. Yet, the first sentence I wrote in this post seems to be complaining of the very opposite. Oh well. You were warned I am picky.

Now I’m off to choose a library book. I’ll keep you posted…


2 responses to “Blah Blah Blog

  • marlene

    I think that was the worst part of teaching a TAKS course, having to ‘watch’ over my students for hours, and not being allowed to DO anything….ARGHHHHH….I can sit and read for hours, sit and write or troll the internet all day, but to have to sit/walk/stand and do nothing but stare at the kids, that was torture!!

  • iliana

    I’m curious to hear about the good books you’ve read! I like Rendell but actually haven’t read any of her Wexford books. Well, tomorrow is Friday so that’s a good thing right 🙂

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