Ok, so if you’ve been here before, things have changed a bit. Now that I’m getting the hang of blogging, I thought I would change my theme. Simple, right? Um, no. Not at all.

There is this big, blank space that on the sample Structure theme shows a photo. However, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get anything in that space. It’s not a widget space. I think it’s a Feature Image, but I cannot seem to find where I would upload something to that space.

In other words, HELP! Any advice you can give me would be great. Thanks.


6 responses to “Housekeeping

  • evan

    It looks to me you have one of four issues.
    1. Your new theme is set for only one blog entry to show on your homepage, most will allow you to increase or decrease this number.
    2. You want only one blog entry to show, but the “blank space” is being created due to the number widgets you have active in the right column…specifically your blogroll.
    3. The theme you selected is meant to be more of a CMS for a website layout, instead of a blog…therefore it is looking for a page to show, not a post.
    4. Somewhere hidden on the backend admin of the theme is a field that calls an image into that spot…but you have to manually enter the link to the image or upload the image.

    • pickygirlfoodfilmfiction


      I figured it out from some genius on the wordpress forum. It’s a featured post. As I don’t want that to change, I had to create a category “welcome” and a post with that as its category. There is a spot when you add a new post on the lower right to add a “featured image.” I did that and then under theme options, I checked Show featured image. Finally! It only took me a couple hours…..

  • Nishita

    I see you have fixed this issue. I like your new theme. I tried it out too but stumbled on the featured image. Good idea to have an intro post with a specific image.

    I like it 🙂

  • German News Blog


    I have applied the same theme to my blog however I am having trouble with that top section. I know the image is a Feature Image and I am aware of how to change that, (I think) but I am not able to change the text next to it. I have looked everywhere for this. Can you help me out and point me in the right direction?

    P.S. your site looks great!



    • pickygirlfoodfilmfiction

      I ended up going to widgets and pulled the tag box over. You can also pull a text box, I believe.

      As to the image – I wanted mine to stay the same all the time. So… I had one post with the image (you click feature image in the post box), and tagged it with Welcome. It’s the only post to be tagged that. Then I went to the Options page and chose the tag “Welcome” there. That way the image stays up.

      I also checked out the WordPress FAQ section. That’s how I finally figured it out. I know that’s very convoluted, but I hope it helps. Thanks for stopping by!

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