My Return to the Library

To make a long story very, very short: I got a new license about five years ago. I lost it. I found it. I then left it in another bag when I was picking up a rental car in a town two hours away and renewed it hastily at the Department of Motor Vehicles in that town (proof of which is an awful, awful photograph of me). I have, therefore, carried around the previous license for quite some time. The address is very wrong. It’s two previous residences ago. After my, ahem, 29th birthday last week, I was forced to get it renewed and pay $25 for a renewed, decently photographed license which now bears the address of the home I bought last year. Ok, so I didn’t make this short.

All this to say, I have been unable to get a library card because of this fiasco. I went to the local library with a copy of my county’s tax appraisal with my address on it and my prior license. Sometimes I am honest to a fault. I relayed my driver’s license story, and the librarian told me in no uncertain terms, that I was forbidden to get a library card. Verboten. You think I’m kidding? She actually said that.

However, I am back in the game. Friday I actually fixed my hair and put on makeup, so I think it an apt time to go down to the dreaded DMV. I arrived. There was no line. I assumed the gods were pleased with me until I read the sign that said: No debit/credit cards. Cash or check only. …. Really? I had $20 in cash. The fee was $25. I wasted about five minutes seining the bottom of my bag for $5 in change I did not have. I left, found an ATM, returned with cash, and lo and behold, still no line. I now currently have a temporary license and am hoping against hope that I can obtain a library card. Why? Because, folks, I’m broke. So broke that when I was at the mall last night, trying to find a reasonably-priced but fun Mother’s Day present for my mother, grandmother, and aunt, I passed up the $1 book sale at Books A Million. You read that right. One. Dollar. It broke my heart. So to the library I go – tomorrow. I am so excited.

Any books I absolutely must have on that library list?

2 responses to “My Return to the Library

  • marlene

    JENN>>>>>>I feel absolutely AWFUL!!!! I TOLD you NO M.D. gift!!!!! Just a fun day out in which I treat YOU to lunch and whatever1!!! I’m so sorry, baby! Though i WILL say that the library is ALWAYS a great place to pick up good reads… know I’ve always illustrated THAT to you guys enough!!! Hahaha….anyway, again….I am so sorry! Please, let me make this up to you….can’t have a broke professor!!!! :)and thanks for making Mother’s Day great in every possible way! It was a wonderful day!!!!

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