Monthly Archives: April 2010

We interrupt this regularly-scheduled blogging…

to tell you that posting will be light until Wednesday, after the holiday and once the Sarah Vowell lecture is over on Tuesday evening. Tuesday will consist of me getting up early to pick her up from the airport in Houston, running around town taking her to and from her hotel, ensuring all last-minute details are complete, etc. Until then, happy Easter! If you do not celebrate Easter, happy long weekend! Enjoy your day regardless. I’ll leave you with my Easter tablescape:


March Wrap-Up

I’ve been a very busy girl this month:

All in all, it was a very satisfying month. I also read August Wilson’s play, Fences, again as I taught it last week. I re-read The Book Thief in order to prep for teaching. That’s a lot of reading. It was a nice month, and I look forward to reviewing just as many if not more for April. I am always amazed at how many books some of you are able to read in one month. Do tell how you are able to get so much free time; I’m all ears.

If the weather is as nice as it has been, though, I may spend much of my time sitting on the back porch staring at anything green. I love spring.

Ah, happiness

Happiness is this little guy:

bearing all these little guys:

And now I really don’t want to read Brothers Karamazov. I will keep going though. I may treat myself with one of the Thin Man DVDs tonight. Yea! What have you gotten in this week? Anything interesting?