24 Hours of Reading… Impressive or Crazy?

My best wishes go out to all those participating in Dewey’s 24-Hour Read-a-Thon today! I am really really impressed with/slightly afraid of all those reading for a solid 24 hours. I know many of you have children and other pressing outside obligations. So I feel like a real dork for not participating.

Here’s why:

A. I think it’s a little bit of Catholic guilt. “Guilt?” you ask, “Who feels guilty about reading all day?” Answer: I do. Now that I own a house, or for pity’s sake, even before I owned a house, I always feel like the house can be cleaner, or the car should be washed, or I can plan next week’s lessons, and so on and so forth until really, I wouldn’t enjoy reading at all, at all.

B. My attention span. I know this is odd because if you have been reading my blog at all, you know I’m a one-sitting reader. I will sit and read and read until the cows come home (yes, that’s the Southerner in me coming out). However, sit me in one place and tell me to read? No way.

C. I’m *supposed* to be reading Brothers Karamazov, and there’s no way in a million years I can sit still and just read that. I would have to switch back and forth between that and A Dedicated Man, my Peter Robinson mystery. That sounds like enough to really drive a person insane. Think Jane from “The Yellow Wallpaper.”

So. In solidarity, I will visit blogs and offer encouragement, and I am sure at some point today I will sit and read Brothers Karamazov and then set it down and do a bit of cleaning and then sit on the sofa, then blog, then rearrange the furniture, then read a little of A Dedicated Man. I will offer support whenever possible and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be ready for Read-a-Thon Lite by next year. Until then, happy reading you crazed book bloggers. 🙂


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