Interred with Their Bones by Jennifer Lee Carrell

What can I say? Really. I’m just not inspired to write a full-blown review of this book, which is partially why I haven’t blogged for days. If you like The DaVinci Code, yeah, you’ll probably like this. If you want to read a really intelligent but thrilling book that does this much better, read Elisabeth Kostova’s The Historian. In fact, I need to reread it.

If you know anything about Shakespeare, you can anticipate what this book will discuss. The Shakespeare authorship. Elizabethan scandal. The burning of the Globe. This book I would describe as a “fun romp.” Parts of it were uneven, others boastful. Several times, I found myself skimming liberally.

For a lengthy but generally fun suspenseful book with academic leanings, I would suggest it. The premise: Kate Stanley, first American female director of Hamlet on London’s restored Globe stage, is visited by former friend Rosalind Howard. She and Howard were once extremely close but have parted ways because Kate wants to direct plays, and Ros wants to study them. Ros tells Kate she has found something, something big, and gives her a package to be opened only if she is willing to “follow where it leads.” The Globe is burned later that day, and Ros is found to have been murdered in the style of Hamlet’s father. Kate decides to figure out what Ros was onto, and the ensuing action is full of twists and turns, believable and unbelievable. By the end, I was really having to suspend my disbelief about 20 stories up in the air.

Whew. That’s over. Back to regularly-scheduled blogging. Happy Monday.


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