Kafka, weeds, and sunburn

Can we just acknowledge this week and move on past it? I know it’s Friday, but I feel like it’s going to take daaaaays to get over this week. Sorry for the non-reading posts this week. I’ve had one class in the library learning research methods; the rest of my classes are discussing symbolism in John Cheever’s short story “The Swimmer” and Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. If I hear one more student say the words, “Blah blah blah, that crazy bug story,” I am going to scream or begin laughing like a maniac, I’m not sure. For some reason, I’ve felt drained from all the prep time this week and just haven’t had energy or time to read for fun.

However, I skipped the gym today because my entire body is hurting from 4 hours of yardwork yesterday including but not limited to lawn mowing, weeding (massive weeding), trimming shrubs, paring my lemon tree, cutting down a tree-like weed, raking, etc. I figure I deserve a break.

So I am off in hunt of breakfast, a warm spot in my bed (where hopefully I will not turn into a giant bug), and Jennifer Lee Carrell’s Interred With Their Bones.


2 responses to “Kafka, weeds, and sunburn

  • Matthew

    I am not looking forward to gardening and trimming tree and that’s why I live in a condo. 🙂 I remember laughing at Kafka as well when I read it in high school.

  • pickygirlfoodfilmfiction

    Ugh. I have to say it is satisfying going out and looking at the nice yard and having a great space for my dog, Maddie. But to get it that way is painful.

    I loved Kafka the first time I ever picked him up. It’s so funny, though, the way each class reacted differently to the story. Gotta love college freshmen. 🙂

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