“They think I’m dotty.”

Today was an all-around not great day. Bad weather. Students’ excuses for not having annotated bibliographies prepared. Headache. Major sleepiness. Run-in with the DMV [long story, but I got a notice of non-renewal for my DL that said it was because I hadn’t taken care of a ticket. Two weeks of phone calls to the constantly-busy DMV line revealed it was a mistake, but of course, one I have to handle]. Class tonight. Worrying about money because of my adjunct status at the university and only have one summer class when I really need two. Needless to say, I needed some down time. And a Xanax.

Down time = Miss Marple movie. Luckily, Netflix came through, and I had Murder, She Said waiting in my mailbox this morning, along with a certified mail slip. [What now??] Murder, She Said is a Miss Jane Marple movie based on Agatha Christie’s 1957 novel 4:50 From Paddington. Miss Marple, played by Margaret Rutherford, is on the train when another train is alongside, a curtain shifts, and Miss Marple sees a woman being strangled, black ominous gloves on the killer’s hands the only visible image of the killer. Miss Marple, along with her sidekick/beau/confidante Mr. Stringer report the murder to the police. However, as Miss Marple frequently has murder on the mind (she reads sensational mysteries), they simply think she dreamed it up and let the matter go after a cursory search along the train tracks.

Miss Marple, not one to be deterred, goes on a hunt for the body herself. Mr. Stringer goes with her, and poor soul – he is frightfully nervous the entire time. A couple clues lead to a large old estate near the tracks, and Miss Marple determines to get a job there as a maid in order to learn more. Deceit, mixed identities, more murders, and an odd child await Miss Marple behind the doors of Ackenthorpe House, and mayhem abounds. Of course, there’s the predictable “dark and stormy night” with murderers up to antics when the lights go out and the obligatory trap for the murderer at the end. But, of course, that’s why one watches Miss Marple, and it certainly improved my mood and made me want a spot of tea. Charming, and perfect for a rainy day.


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