These are a few of my favorite greens…

Okay. I shamelessly borrowed this from Centsational Girl, but I couldn’t help myself. Green is my absolute favorite color. In fact, I should not tell you how many items I have just because they are green. I simply cannot help myself. So today, a celebration of my favorite greens: books, boots, home accessories, etc. I hope you enjoy … and don’t forget to wear green.

The green on the exterior walls of this Austin, Texas restaurant? To die for. Is this place not beautiful? And some of the best authentic Mexican food you’ve ever had.

Algae on water at a swamp area at Shangri La Park in Orange, Texas. The park is absolutely gorgeous, and the contractors did everything they could to construct the gardens from recycled goods, including pathways made from recycled cups. It’s a beautiful place. If you’re ever in southeast Texas, it should be on your to-do list.

My backyard in spring/summer.

My green Steve Madden cowboy boots. They were a Christmas gift from my brother after he saw me lusting after them at the Houston Galleria. I walked around all Christmas day in my pajamas and boots.

A green globe light that used to hang in my grandmother’s home. I asked her if I could have it a few years ago because it goes perfectly in my living room, which is black and white with green and sea foam green accents. I love pieces that mean something to me.

Of course, I could go on and on, but I will leave you with those. Just know that I could take pictures all day of… my green kitchen. Green handbags (one in Italian leather), two other pair of green shoes, and on and on and on and on. For now, I will wish you “Slainte” and hope you have a wonderfully green day.

[Also, if you’re looking for a great new Irish writer, look no further. Tana French, author of In the Woods and The Likeness. These are mysteries but are both wonderfully well written.]


4 responses to “These are a few of my favorite greens…

  • Marlene

    Ahhhhh….”Jennifer Green” at it’s finest! Such lovely photos, they really capped off this wonderful day for me! Thought that those of you who wish to catch a glimpse of a ‘supposed real leprechaun’ in Georgia, might like to check out this website.

    I am SURE Irish Eyes are smilin’ at this!

  • Bellezza

    I love green, too! Our living room is a beautiful celery because I just had to surround myself in it. Your photos are lovely!

  • Elena

    As a fellow green-lover, I am hearting this post hardcore right now!

    The first one is my favourite, but they’re all lovely to look at. AND it houses food! Always a plus.

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