My First Challenge!

Artwork by Melissa Nucera

Yes, I have agreed to a read-a-long in April for Brothers Karamazov with Dolce Belleza, but this is my first actual challenge. Carl V. at Stainless Steel Droppings is hosting this great challenge celebrating fantasy, folklore, fairy tale, and mythology, and never fear! There are different levels. My semester will only get busier, so I am sticking to The Journey level, which requires you to read at least one book from any of the above genres. I absolutely love mythology and haven’t had a chance to ready any in many moons, so I am leaning toward that, but alas – I have plenty of time to decide. The challenge runs from March 21 until June 20 and apparently, during that time Carl V. will have all sorts of treasures posted on his blog. Click away.

I’d love to hear reading suggestions in any of the categories. Are you joining in the challenge? Any other interesting challenges into which I should dip my un-pedicured toes? I’m all ears.


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