Weeds – no, not the TV show.

Ok. I can admit when I’m defeated. The weeds have overtaken my yard. The photo to the left is a good example of some of the little buggers, but I also have those ones  that grow like kudzu and stick to me, my legs, my dog, everything. I hate them. So, as a relatively new homeowner (one year) I need advice. Any pro gardeners out  there? I planted flower beds in the front of the house last year, but the frost and unusual cold we have had in southeast Texas really did a number on all my work from  last spring and summer. Half the plants are dead. Should I rip them out? Wait for them to come back – maybe? I just don’t know.

So – as it’s Saturday and I’ve read a book a day this week, I’m going to take it easy this evening and see if anyone in the book blogosphere can help. Anyone?? [cue crickets].

Happy Saturday, and here’s wishing you a weedless yard and engaging reading!


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