In which, I exhibit my pickiness –

I just started When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead. Already, I love the references to A Wrinkle in Time, one of my all-time favorite books, but the quality of the actual book suuuuucks. I understand low budgets, first books, etc., but I hate that there is no title or chapter information at the top. I do not like the font type for the chapter headings. The font size is large, but I’m assuming that is because it is YA fiction. I have found that typically YA fiction uses larger font type, which is ironic as it is the elder generations that need larger font. Ah, well, back to reading.

Do you have any pet peeves when you are reading? Is there anything that physically distracts you from the task at hand? I recently read The Terror by Dan Simmons, and the paper quality was excellent. These are things I notice. Call me a connoisseur. Call me, ahem, other names. Or just call me plain picky.


2 responses to “In which, I exhibit my pickiness –

  • Marlene

    I can definitely give you insight into the YA fiction being popular in the large print size. As a veteran middle school reading teacher, I can testify to the fact that many, many readers in this age range, have the mistaken notion that large print equals a quick read. I never really quite got it. I would frequently recommend an excellent book for a student, while visiting the library, a book that would really relate to that individual student’s interests and reading range and the FIRST thing that they would do was crack the book, look at the font size, and if it was small print….they weren’t interested. If it was large print, they were signed, sealed and delivered…..EVEN if the book wasn’t on a topic or in a genre that they found interesting, they would go for the larger print EVERY time. Now, of course, this was the case with my more reluctant readers, and even those who were on the fence. The students who LOVED to read, well, ‘size didn’t matter’, not at all. So, I believe that YA literature stands a better chance of reaching a much more vast audience, when it is served up on a ‘super-sized’ platter!

    • pickygirlfoodfilmfiction

      That makes complete sense. I should have picked up on that. My students have an outside reading list, and they forever want to know how many pages each book is. Drives me nuts, like I remember book length for each one. I refer them to Shelfari!

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