Never judge a book by its cover? Watch me.

So. The conference where I am presenting a paper is this weekend. THIS weekend. I keep hoping I will be abducted by aliens… hmm, think not. Or that no one will attend, and I can go home. Or maybe they will call and say, “Whoops. Mistake. No need for you to read.” None of that has yet happened. In trying to distract myself, I have been looking at Frances’ blog, Nonsuch, and stumbled across a true gem (both in her blog itself and a certain post). Having graduated from the university where I teach, I constantly encourage students to attend outside events. One of those events is that senior thesis art show in the Dishman Art Museum, a true gem on campus. I love these shows because a. sometimes I can buy reasonably-priced art b. students have incredible talent and c. free booze. That being said, I have only once or twice seen a student with the initiative, drive, and sheer talent of Jim Tierney. As an illustrator, Tierney began designing book art because

“of the liberally vague subject matter, or the mixture of illustration and design, or just the idea of making “functional” art in the form of a neatly decorated little adventure to carry around.”

That sounds like an excellent reason to me. His blogging profile states he is 22, an illustrator and a student at UArts in Philadelphia. When I saw the images you are about to see, I was completely blown away. I love love love good design (remember I’m picky), and to me, this fits the bill. Many times, book covers lack imagination or do not seem to fit the story, or worse, they actually detract from the story. So, here you go: judge these books by their covers. [Hint: click on the images to be taken to the gallery. You will be glad you did.]


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