Today has been a bit busy, to say the least. No reading has been done. I have scheduled library classes for four different classes, coordinated a meeting for the Academic Lecture Series my university is hosting (stay tuned – Sarah Vowell will be here April 6 at 7:30 p.m.), designed several baby shower invitations from scratch, and managed to make homemade hot sauce for a quick bite or two. All of this prior to teaching a 2 hour, 45 minute night class this evening. Thus, the title of the post. However, it will all be better when I get takeout for dinner and come home to this:

Yea for Travel + Leisure! I ordered it months ago from a neighborhood kid who was selling subscriptions for a school fundraiser. I was just thinking to myself yesterday that I thought the magazine was never coming. And I get home from class today, and it’s here, it’s really here! Yes, I’m a little excited because on top of loving food, film, and fiction, I absolutely loooove traveling. Of course, as an underpaid adjunct instructor, I cannot afford a big trip this year, but one can always dream, dear reader. Here’s to beachy thoughts, sun-filled pages, and luscious photos of exotic places.


4 responses to “Whew!

  • chrystal

    Just saw you have this blog, and although I LOVE to read, I have little time to do so. BUT, I can’t wait to read your reviews on things, because frankly, I’m always looking for a new writer/genre/topic to read and learn about. I have no favorite type of book, really, just the love of reading something that keeps my attention for now. I look forward to keeping up with your blog!!

  • chrystal

    I suppose it would be nice if I could spell my OWN name properly…sheesh.
    ChrystAL 😉

  • pickygirlfoodfilmfiction

    Yea! So glad you plan to check it out occasionally.

    And yes, I’ve had those days as well.

  • Leslie

    Hey there,
    I thought I had left a comment yesterday. Not sure what I did wrong. Oh well, was excited to see your blog. I will check out your reviews often. Always looking for a good read. Just finished “The History of Love” It was wonderful. Also, I had not been on FB in awhile so just saw the pictures of your house. You have done so much and it looks great!!! Until next time -aunt les

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